*How did you get the idea ​​designing sweatpants for men?

"My boyfriend, who I met one year after graduating as a certified fashion designer, is the owner of several successful cafés in Berlin and has started to only wear sweatpants literally everyday and to all occasions.
Mostly because he is on call 24/7 and was sick of wearing uncomfortable pants. Well, but that didn't really look amazing, did it?

I noticed after some time that there are really no pants on the market that are comfortable AND stylish. So I started with a few sketches, how perfect sweatpants could look like...

The idea developed more and more until I was completely convinced to create my own label that I called "KARLSWRONG". It concentrates on the design and the production of perfectly shaped and high-quality sweatpants."


*What is the difference between "KARLSWRONG" pants and all other existing pants on the market?

“Sweatpants have been rather labeled as bad taste and have been associated with “couchpotatoes” or “fitnessfreaks” - especially if worn in public.
I really wonder why: You would think that no pants are as comfortable as sweatpants. When I get home, I put them on right away. Like everyone else, right?

“KARLSWRONG” combines the comfort as we know it with trendy design, fine fabrics and high-quality tailoring.
My pants are thus becoming a stylish must-have for all sorts of everyday situations – whether you want to go out or go to the office."


*How did you proceed with the design of your pants and how long did the designing process take?

"In the beginning, I thought it was relatively easy, but of course that was quite naïve. My idea at that time was to sell pants in 2-3 months already. It then turned out that I was way too optimistic.

I am a perfectionist - I did not want to design ordinary sweatpants.
And if we are realistic all kinds of “normal” joggers already exist on the market. I knew I had to design something innovative.

My main goal was to meet the needs of the wearer. So I interviewed colleagues, friends and even strangers, and then created several “prototypes” myself.
I have learned to pay attention to trifles, for example the size and thickness of the pockets of trousers. So that men can also put everything into place and nothing is poking out.. if you know what I mean ;)
Or even the butt, where men think women don't care about what it looks like, but I can assure all you guys that us girls, we’re looking! So I also had to make some “prototypes” just for mens buttocks.
In the end it took me 1,5 years to develop three perfect sewing patterns and fits."

*Is the material very important regarding fit at the end of the day?

"Definitely! I have spent months looking for the perfect cloth for "KARLSWRONG", because there are so many factors that you need to pay attention to.

Sweatpants are mostly made of matt, partly even rough cotton jersey fabric, while "KARLSWRONG" trousers are made of a fine viscose blend fabric with a slightly shiny surface.

In other words - the fabric doesn’t feel itchy. The pants are still strechty and comfortable, but don’t deform. In addition we have a noble and finally fashionable look."

*What about the production?

"More than half of the production is "Made in Germany", which makes me extremely proud.
The first sketch, the complete designing process, sewing patterns and adding one of my “prototypes” are implemented by hand in Germany.
For the cutting and the production of the final sweatpants, I have chosen a renowned production facility in Poland.
When the pants are ready, they return to Germany for quality control and packaging and are then sent to my customers.
It is particularly important to me that the entire production process remains in Europe, which means that the transport routes are short and the environment is kept in mind."


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