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by Leoni Lencinas

Hey Hey Karlswrong Lovers, what's up!?

We are starting a great new thing, right now! 

Because many of you asked us about styling tipps and how to style your Karlswrong pants or men´s sweatpants in general, we are going to post a „Sweatpants Style of the Week“ every week now!

Every Week- a new style

Just for you. Hoping we can inspire you and help you to be super comfortable always but more impotantly - more stylish in the future.

Give us your feedback, we appreciate every support.

 Enough nonsense writing, lets start with this colourful sweatpants-style of the week together with our amazing model Mario and stylist Giorgia.

Here in Berlin the winter is grey, its cold and you know what? I am sick of it. Everywhere you see people dressed in dark colors and everything looks so sad and depressing. Why not wear more colors? You will definitely shine like a sun in these dark winter days with this colorful outfit:

Sweatpants Style of the Week SS1_Karlswrong

We love turtle neck! I am a woman and I am telling you, turtleneck is damn sexy. It gives a man classiness and elegance, without looking too fashionable. Together with the color yellow, like in our outfit suggestion, you´re an eyecatcher. We are loving this knitted yellow turtleneck pullover on Mario. But be careful: Yellow is not a color for everyone, just try out some colors and see whats best for you. People with a darker skin tone will look amazing in colors like yellow or red. People with lighter skin should choose colors like blue, dark green or violett.

Sweatpants Style of the Week

Our favorite pair of pants with this Style: The Non Standard Pants. The stylish and detail-loving design fits perfectly with the colourful sweater. The sweater is uni  and the pants attract with their appealing design. 

The best thing about them: The pants are made with plush fleece, so put your hands inside the pockets and your winter will be warm and cozy.

The slim fitted style makes you look super elegant and at the same time stylish.

The Non Standard Pants- Sweatpants Style of the week

Last but not least: which pair of shoes? We see them on all the bloggers these days and they are THE Trend Shoes of 2017: The Balenciaga Sneakers in black. We love them already, but we like them even more in combination with Karlswrong pants and the colorful sweater. The slender cut shoe fits perfectly with the tight bottom leg parts of the pants, it seems like the shoe and our pants were made to go together.


What do you think about this outfit? Do you like it? If yes, show us some love and share this article with your friends.




Sweatpants Style of the Week

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