5 Shoes to pair with Karlswrong Sweatpants

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Figuring out which shoes to wear on a regular basis can be tiring. Especially when you are trying to decide how to pair formals with informal, it can be quite frustrating. Sweatpants give you the luxury of moving about easily, enjoying your space and maximum comfort. However, what do you wear on your feet when you step out? Here are 5 shoes that you can pair with your sweatpants and look irresistible!


The Informal Sneakers

Right on the top, sneakers are always the best choice when it comes to shoes with sweatpants. Menswear look 2times more attractive with trendy sneakers. We have to agree we are quite a fan! Our favorite: Balenziaga Sneaker ! Pair them with your sweatpants. They have that comfortable, yet trendy look that compliments the style you are opting for. The look is perfect for an informal get-together or simply roaming the streets at random! It will definitely add some points to your style!

Balenciaga x Karlswrong


Style it up with Yeezys

We love to play with the idea of Yeezys with sweatpants. The trendy shoes are built to define luxury but generally have that informal character about them. However, the shoes are formal enough to pass for office wear as well. Pair these beautiful shoes with your Karlswrong sweatpants for men and go out to work comfortably and in style!

5 shoes to pair with Karlswrong Pants

Photo:Daniel Chen

Boat shoes could be your Saviour

Another interesting fashion choice is to pair boat shoes with your sweatpants. These shoes are great for work as well and can add a formal character to your entire outfit. The ultimate look is quite formal, however, your comfort levels will be maximum. Try it out on a day to the office. We are sure that you will love it. What about these John Lobb Boat Shoes found on MrPorter.com

5 s

Try Espadrilles!

If you are thinking of relaxing at home or you would like to take a stroll out or perhaps an informal lunch with your old friend, the Espadrilles are a great choice. They are very comfy and add to the whole luxury vibe of your outfit. We recommend this style for your informal ventures as the look will certainly compliment your personality.


Click Here to shop these Bottega Veneta Espadrilles

 Doc Martens

We LOVE the combination of Karlswrong sweatpants and Doc Martens. First you will think, Doc Martens are not the best choice. But believe us, this contrast of rough and chunky boots in combination with soft jersey fabric is just awesome. The boots will ruffle your pant legs and make them look super stylish. Combine your sweatpants for men with fancy Doc Marten and set a statement !

5 shoes to pair with karlwrong pants


There is a shoe which should be on the list? Write it in the comments!

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